Christian Comedian John Crist On Praying Over Food

Christian Comedian John Crist On Praying Over Food

We all know about praying before a meal, but what about that gray area such as appetizers or a basket of chips and salsa? There's no proper etiquette or rules for praying, so it could get a little confusing.

That's exactly what Christian comedian John Crist thought and today, he's here to offer some advice. Just listen as he goes through a list of "pre-meal" foods and the prayer protocol for each. He had me laughing out loud by the time he got to side salads versus entree salads, but he doesn't stop there. He even goes over soups and coffee etiquette.

All of John's jokes are in good fun and they never fail to have me in stitches. I just love this clean comedian and the refreshing sense of humor that he brings to the internet. Who else wants to see more from John Crist?

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