Joyce Meyer And Her Honest Thoughts On Tattoos

Joyce Meyer And Her Honest Thoughts On Tattoos

You have to watch this video of Joyce Meyer sharing a message about her honest thoughts on tattoos.

Joyce Meyer always has a special way with words. She can showcase her point in such a simple and understandable way. In this powerful video, Joyce is tackling the topic of tattoos.

This can definitely be a tricky subject because many people have such strong opinions one way or another. Joyce turns to the Bible to look at what scripture actually says about this hot topic.

“Holiness is not legalism. Whatever people used to think holiness was, it just became a mess and a nightmare, and really turned a lot of people off,” she said. “Because holiness became not smoking, not drinking, not cussing, not dancing, not playing cards, not going to parties, not wearing pretty clothes, not wearing any makeup, no jewelry, not having a nice hairstyle, you had to cut or not cut your hair depending on which brand of religion you followed, and God forbid if you have a tattoo or that you’re a man putting an earring in your ear. That will just put the religious people over the edge!”

She continues: “That’s why so many people today don’t want anything to do with the church, because all they get is criticism and judgment.”

One of the biggest takeaways that Joyce points out is that as people, we can't judge others based on their outward appearance. Just because their hair may be a different color does not dictate what their heart says inside.

“Let me tell you something. It is not boring to serve Christ,” Joyce shares. “It is so much fun, and there is so much you can do! And not only that, you can enjoy all of it!”

This whole message is a good reminder that I need to tell myself from time to time. Joyce makes so many good points in this sermon that I had to listen to it again. What great perspective from such an inspiring woman of God!

Joyce's Thoughts on Tattoos

Ever wondered what Joyce really thinks about tattoos? Watch the video below!

Posted by Joyce Meyer Ministries on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

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