Violinist Lindsey Stirling Performs 'Carol Of The Bells'

Violinist Lindsey Stirling is known all around the world for her amazing musical talent. The incredible way she incorporates dance with her violin in performances had caught the attention of everyone.

This talented lady doesn't just stand there and play the violin, but she uses her entire body to communicate the rhythm and feeling of the music. Today, Lindsey is using her incredible talent to perform one of the most popular Christmas tunes 'Carol Of The Bells.'

Just watch as Lindsey enters a winter wonderland and starts to play the most beautiful music. There's something about a violin and Christmas time that just goes together to perfectly and Lindsey truly puts her own spin on this number.

These nostalgic lyrics immediately bring back childhood Christmas memories for many of us. 'Carol Of The Bells' is such an iconic Christmas song in America and this just might be my new favorite rendition. What do you think of Lindsey Stirling and her violin?

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