87-Year-Old Reads Poem That He Wrote For His Wife While Dating

87-Year-Old Reads Poem That He Wrote For His Wife While Dating

An 87-year-old reads a poem that he wrote for his wife while they were dating. Is there anything more romantic than a love letter?

Love can make us creative in many ways. It can be a muse and make us write wonderful music, poems, and love letters.

For this man, who ran the account by the name of LedbetterPoetry, he recently decided to share a poem on Youtube that he shared that he wrote about his first wife. The title of the poem is You’re Everything.

He then goes on to read his heartfelt piece.

Oh sun in the sky, please tell me why I miss that girl so much.
Oh moon and stars, wherever you are I need your special touch.

You can tell by these words that the author is very passionate about the woman who he is writing about. Even in the very beginning stages of dating, he knew that they had developed such a special bond.

He then goes on to read more.

Oh wind and trees, and gentle breeze, please whisper in her ear.
Please tell her that I miss her so, and that I need her near.

This portion makes it obvious that they have been together for a long time, and he really just wants her to know how much he loves her and wants to be able to feel close to her. He seems reflective as many of us do with our long lost loves.

The poem continues with the words, “Ocean, lake, don’t hesitate, combine your efforts please. Please let your waves caress her face, and kiss her pretty knees. Oh help her to remember, the many hours we spent, just looking at the waves go by, that made us so content.”

This is about their memories together, and reminiscing on past trips that they have had, and can look back on even though they are apart.

For the rest of the poem he continues to confess his sweet love, it is such a sweet memory to share and hopefully, it will inspire a modern generation to remember this beautiful art form as a way to share feelings with those we love!

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