Parents Warn After 5-Year-Old Is Scalped By Go-Kart

One family is praising their miracle when a devastating accident left their 5-year-old scalped.

Little Lani Use was excited for a day of family fun riding on the go-kart. Her mother, Macie Gautreaux, was even filming the whole ride. Lani’s long hair was in a bun so that it would not get in the way while she drove.

With a huge smile on her face, Lani took the go-kart all around the yard. But then, tragedy struck when her hair came loose and fell down. Her long hair became stuck in the gear belt.

The force of the pull caused the right side of her skull to be torn off. Her skull was also fractured in four places. Her grandfather rushed to her aid and cut her hair away from the engine. But the horrific sight was hard to bear.

Lani’s mother said, "I thought she was gone. I didn't think she was going to make it.” But thankfully, after being rushed to the hospital, Lani was saved. The doctors even managed to save her hair too.

After months of recovery, Lani’s beautiful locks are growing back. The family is beyond thankful to still have their baby girl with them.

And the go-kart will be staying in the garage for the time being. "It's definitely a miracle that she is here with us today," mother Macie said.

The story is such an important reminder for us all to be careful when operating equipment such as this. Things can change in a matter of seconds, so always be alert.
Source: Inside Edition

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