Verba Shadow Auditions With Gripping Love Story Shadow Dance

Ukranian shadow dance troupe, Verba Shadow, perform an emotional love story on America’s Got Talent.

This entertaining theater group started back in 2010. One university student recruited some of her friends to take part in the school talent show and show off her creative skill of shadow dancing.

Using only a torch, the Verba Shadow dance crew was created. On their website, the group is described as “aiming to build bridges over language, age and cultural barriers between a wide global audience with the help of shadow theatre art form.

The main goal of the shadow theatre VERBA is to surprise, impress and inspire! To make new images of famous stories and to create, embody our original ideas!”

Using this creative form of expression and movement, Verba has truly tugged at heartstrings all over the world while building a name for themselves.

Today, they’re taking their story all the way to the big stage on America’s Got Talent to chase their dreams. This emotional performance tells the epic love story of one man and woman.

First, they meet, marry and have a child. The dancers skillfully use their bodies to form a present box, a house, and much more.

Then a scene of war is played out, including a human helicopter. It’s truly an amazing sight to watch the ways that this dance group moves along with the music to pull off this beautiful story.

As the tale comes to an end, there were more than a few tears in the crowd. What an unforgettable audition.

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