Farmer's Hilarious Tactics To Retrieve Chicken Eggs Go Viral

Farmer's Hilarious Tactics To Retrieve Chicken Eggs Go Viral

This Chinese farmer is going viral after his hilarious tactics to retrieve chicken eggs was posted online.

Raising animals can be a difficult task. Not only do they require care and protection, but animals also develop their own unique personalities that must be delicately dealt with. Normally, this calls to mind dogs or cats. But this farmer ran into some problems when he was tending to one of his chickens.

Every day, this farmer feeds around 800 chickens. He must also retrieve the eggs from each one. The majority of his chickens are calm and do not mind when he picks up the eggs, but one hen, in particular, is not fond of the farmer ‘stealing’ her eggs. Each day, the man found it more and more difficult to reach his hand in the coop.

Finally, he decided to record the different tactics that he tried to use to deflect or distract the hen. Just watch as he hilariously tries to make the chicken dizzy or cover his own hand with padding to ease the pain of pecking. He even tries to threaten and rationalize with the opinionated animal. Each time, the results seem to be the same.

The farmer grabs the egg and the hen quickly pecks his hand. He may have some scars from the incidents, but the process has certainly made the Internet laugh.

When the video was posted online, viewers from all over the world chuckled along with this determined farmer. If you have chickens of your own at home, has something like this ever happened to you?

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