'Talking' Dog Has Hilarious Conversation About Food

This ‘talking’ dog video is one that you can watch over and over again and it never gets old! Such a funny conversation that he is having with his owner about food. It makes you wish that our furry friends could actually talk to us!

The person who made this video really deserves a round of applause. It’s pretty creative how he made the conversation go back and forth between him with his dog. And the voiceover that he used to match the movements of his dog’s mouth was spot on!

The owner starts off with saying, “I went to the fridge and I opened up the meat drawer. You know what the meat drawer is right?

The dog replies, “Yeah. What was in there?”

“Well I’ll tell you what was in there. You know that bacon, that’s like maple? It’s got maple flavor.”

The dog looks so intrigued. His facial expression and so engaging! He replies to his owner: “The maple kind. Yeah.”

Now the owner starts taunting the dog. “So I took that out, and I thought, I know who would like that…ME! So I ate it.”

“Awwww, NO! You’re kidding me?” The dog is clearly upset about his owner not sharing the goods.

Then the owner goes on to tell the dog about how he ate all the beef and juicy steaks in the fridge, too.

The dog can’t take it anymore! But the most hilarious part is when the owner shares about how he gave the chicken in the fridge to the cat.

“Nooooo!” The dog has clearly had enough and the video ends with him ‘crying.’

No matter how many times you’ve seen this video, it still brings the laughs. Thank you God for joy, laughter, and hilarious viral videos that just brighten our day!
Source: Talking Animals

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