WestJet Christmas Surprises Guests With A Touching Way To Give Back

WestJet Christmas Surprises Guests With A Touching Way To Give Back

It’s another WestJet Christmas miracle as the popular airline company releases their annual holiday spot.

WestJet is a Canadian airline offering affordable flights and quality service to over 100 destinations. But they are probably most well known for their giving nature and viral acts of kindness.

Over the years, we've seen this airline helps countless people in their time of need and bring smiles to thousands of faces. Last Christmas season, WestJet strived to pull off the ultimate gift but I think they may have topped it this year.

During the holidays, many people become consumed with presents. Children and adults cannot wait to receive the perfect gift on Christmas morning. But WestJet sought out to see if it was better to give or receive this year.

So, they set up a Christmas wonderland full of trees, snow and Santa Claus. When the guests arrived, Santa appeared and offered them an incredible gift. But each person had a choice.

They could keep the present for themselves or choose to give the gift to a Ronald McDonald House family. One by one, families selflessly gave up cash, trips and gift cards in order to make someone else’s Christmas bright. And the biggest gift of all was that the selfless strangers were able to meet these needy families in person.

What an incredible moment to watch so many people come together and celebrate the real meaning behind Christmas. It isn’t about the money we spent or the glamorous gifts that we receive. It’s about spreading God’s message of love and kindness.