Judge Caprio Tears Up In Court After Sharing A Story About His Father

It was an emotional moment in the courtroom when Judge Caprio breaks down in tears after a woman reminds him of his father’s kindness.

Frank Caprio is the chief municipal judge in Providence, Rhode Island. His judicial work is even filmed for a popular television program called ‘Caught in Providence.’

While he may seem tough on the outside, some of Judge Caprio’s most famous cases are actually when he shows compassion. Every day in traffic court can be different and you see a wide range of people come through the courtroom. But one woman made Judge Caprio pause and reflect after she mentioned his father.

Recently, a woman showed up with her mother to appear before the judge. She was there to fight a red light ticket, which was quickly dismissed. But before she left, her mother asked if she could tell a story.

You can hear the groans in the courtroom as everyone prepares for a long ordeal, but the judge lets her proceed. That’s when she says that Judge Caprio’s father use to deliver milk to her grandmother.

You can see Judge Caprio’s expression change as he takes a moment to share a heartfelt memory about this father’s kindness. The reflection even causes the judge to shed a few tears in the courtroom.

Before they left, Judge Caprio told the two women, “You’ve made my day.” This is such a great example of the chain of kindness. The actions you take today can lead to a whole chain reaction of love.

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