Former Atheist’s Testimony Will Restore Your Faith In God

Kristin always thought Christians were evil until God showed her the way. This powerful testimony is just what I needed to hear today!

“Five years ago, if you would’ve told me I’d be sitting here telling my story of salvation, I would’ve laughed right in your face. And I would’ve told you you’re a crazy Christian.”

Kristin came from a hopeless way of life when she called herself an atheist. She just couldn’t believe that God would let such horrible things happen to good people. And sometimes, when we struggle with our faith, we are recovering from tragedy. That’s when it’s most important to turn to God.

While “enjoying” her life full of drugs, alcohol, and romantic relationships, Kristin believed that she was enjoying her time on Earth and would simply be buried once she died. No salvation. No grace. No heaven.

So the Lord sent her just what she needed. Kristin met one of her best friends through one of those reckless relationships. This new friend just happened to be Christian and truly lived her life for God. Once she realized, Kristin worried that their religious views might keep them from staying friends.

Kristin said she remembers having intense debates and telling her friend that she sounded ridiculous. Eventually, Kristin thought, “Because I knew her personally, I felt like she really did have my best in mind. That she wanted to break through those hard things with me.”

Unfortunately, Kristin got pregnant and immediately wanted to terminate her pregnancy but found herself looking for answers when she saw the little dot on her sonogram. While searching for answers, her friend suggested that she give Christianity a chance for a month.

In that confusing phase of her life, Kristin went to service and felt seen by God’s grace. She realized that no matter what she’d done in her past, He would always love and accept her. And rest of her testimony is just as powerful as that moment.

Sometimes, He might be hard to hear, but God is always there waiting for you. We just have to listen.

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