Welcome Brother

Welcome Brother

This is the content of the main page of my holiness and reform website http://www.holinessofthebride.com. A warm welcome to you in the Savior.

At the website you will find overviews of topics like marriage, gender roles and modest dress. Each subject page also has a set of links at the bottom to other websites or articles I have found valuable. It involves much of my own writing, but is also a hub of information on holiness and reform, and a call to repentance for the Church. We need a new direction in the Lord.

To support our work towards holiness and reform in the Body of Messiah and in the greater community you can go here: http://www.holinessofthebride.com/donate-2

You can learn about my upcoming book on marriage right here: https://www.holinessofthebride.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/Book-Portions-for-Webpage.pdf

Feel free to write me anytime at: kodeshkallah@yahoo.com