Letter from God - Teea Goans

Letter from God - Teea Goans

http://www.teeagoans.com - This is Teea Goans' newest video, "Letter from God" from her newest album "The Way I Remember It".

Goans' sweetly plaintive voice comes at you like a beam of light through utter darkness. She doesn't simply sing country music, she delivers its very essence.

Teea Goans (pronounced TEE-uh GO-uhnz) grew up in rural Lowry City, Missouri, not far from the Kansas border. "We listened to an AM radio station that played classic country music," she recalls. "When I started to school in the 1980s, I didn't even know who Michael Jackson and Madonna were." Although she was singing in church by the time she was three years old, it wasn't until she turned eight that she got her big break. That's when the producers of the nearby Truman Lake Opry spotted her wowing a crowd in a talent contest.

With her mother's cautious approval, Teea became a full-fledged member of the Truman Lake Opry a year later. She continued to perform there every week until she was 17, frequently opening for such Grand Ole Opry acts as Bill Anderson, Little Jimmy Dickens and Grandpa Jones.

Fast forward to today - After getting her foot in the door at WSM Radio in Nashville, she worked her way into a job booking talent for their radio interview program at the Grand Ole Opry. From there she moved into the position of hosting the radio program, " Inside The Opry Circle" from a fan's perspective.

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