Wake Up Rap (Christian Rap)

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I love getting your messages about what God has done in your life! :)

Only 3.7% of Canadians in our generation have ever gotten the revelation of God's love. I pray it will increase dramatically!If you feel me, msg, rate, add a video response, post this everywhere, favourite, let's make our voice heard! :)

And don't forget to pray!


It's time to wake up generation stand up for God

do what's right in his eyes and never ever give up

u think u got it all but ur just deceived

thinking u ain't gonnna fallrn but u ain't received

Salvation from the Lord I know it may be strong

but when u hear his word hear his conviction song

I know at times u may seem alone

but Christ is there just pick up the phone

and say, Holy spirit are u there

Can u hear me? Do you care?

u don't need popularity or diamond rings

tv fills minds with dirty things

making u think of material things

selling ur soul for things that are perishing

So generation wake up generation get up

stand for what's true

God will work through u.

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