Adoption, A beautiful alternative

Many times in abortion debates the topic of adoption comes up. Pro-life advocates say that adoption is a loving alternative that gives both a lifetime and a family to a baby who would otherwise be killed. Pro-choice supporters argue that adoption can be too hard for the mother to deal with emotionally, is an irresponsible choice, and does not solve unwanted pregnancy

I would like to address the pro-choice arguments.

1. Regarding adoption as an emotional burden.
I've heard abortion-seeking women say things like, "Once I saw the face of my baby I could never give it up." or "Once I felt the baby move inside it would be too hard, I'd always wonder about her." or "My baby will feel abandoned I could not do that to a child."
I wish these women would listen to the care in their voices. I want to say, "You love this baby. Maybe you are not in love with her now while she�s inside you, but you are in love with your future child. You know you will love your children once they are born so that must mean that you love them now." The truth is the baby already exists. Her substance is present with a heart that started beating 18-24 days after conception and fingers and toes at 5-6 weeks. How is killing this life and disposing it through abortion not emotionally stressful? Though some women claim that abortion freed them and they have no regrets, many women deeply regret it, if not right way in years to come. Once they become pregnant with a "wanted" baby and feel that baby move inside them and hold the baby for the first time, many women feel emense mourning at the loss of the child they aborted.

2. Regarding Adoption as Irresponsible
I don't know how any one can say that. There are so many couples out there who are loving and want to have a child so much. There are many adoption programs, some anonymous and others where the mother interviews couples and gets to make sure the couple is who they want raising the baby. If a woman is not able to support the bab

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