Actress Danica McKellar Shares Her Faith Journey And Her Hope This Easter

Actress Danica McKellar Shares Her Faith Journey And Her Hope This Easter

Actress Danica McKellar has shared her faith journey and her biggest hope for this Easter.

Talking about faith and sharing how one found the Lord can be difficult and stressful. However, the Bible states we are to go out into the world, into all nations, and make disciples for Him. One of the most effective ways to do that is to share one’s testimony and how Christ’s love and forgiveness changed their life. 

But most people are entirely too concerned with the opinions of others. What will people think about us if we talk about religion, faith and Jesus Christ? Will we offend people? Will they think differently of us? These are thoughts that someone will experience that will likely keep them from sharing the good news about Jesus Christ.

However stressful as it may be, putting those fears and anxieties aside is necessary. Christ’s life-changing message of love, hope and forgiveness is too important to keep concealed and hidden away. 

In a clip posted on YouTube, Danica shared how she came to know Jesus Christ, was changed by the Holy Spirit and what she hopes for during this Easter season. 

As The Wonder Years actress mentions, her faith journey all started because of an action from her friend and fellow actress Candace Cameron Bure. 

Danica says that after going to church with Candace where she watched a Passion play, her “life was transformed.” 

“The Holy Spirit came to me; that’s my only explanation,” she said.

Now, Danica has a wish and hope for all people at Easter. She wants all to remain open to learning about and receiving God’s abundant love. 

“His love and forgiveness is here for every single person,” she said. “It’s available to every person on Earth, and that is amazing. I am so grateful.”

Matthew 28:6 “He is not here, for he has come to life again, even as he said. Come, see the Lord’s resting place.”

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