Son Adds Hilarious Sound Effects to His Mother's Daily Life

A son hilariously walked around and added sound effects to his mother’s life.

Music is one of the many ways the Lord has blessed and touched our lives. Music is one of the few things in life that is universally beloved. Who doesn’t enjoy listening to a sweet and pleasant sound? However, what someone classifies as good music and a “sweet and pleasant sound” will vary from person to person.

Regardless of your favorite band, musician, genre or style, music adds so much to life. It can impact our moods, help us exercise and even enhance our movie and television shows. Of course, if you’ve ever turned on a television or visited a theater, you’re more than familiar with sound effects.

In a short but hysterical clip posted on social media, one young man followed his mother around and put sound effects to her daily life and activities. Whatever his mom happened to be doing, he played a tune on his trombone that perfectly fit her activity.

The minute-long video begins with his mom in her wheelchair backing out of a van, and he plays the beeping sound that we’re all familiar with. However, the best part of that segment is, without a doubt, the stern look she shoots at him. It is best described as the “mom look,” an expression that we’ve all unfortunately received at one time or another.

The young man persists despite her telling him to discontinue his hilarity and cease with the antics. He follows her around while she’s sweeping and even while she’s cutting up an onion. The song he plays when she’s dicing the onion is absolutely perfect, instantly recognizable and sure to make you laugh!

While his mother may not have appreciated the young man’s actions, anyone watching the short, minute-long video will love his hijinks! Every sound or piece of music he chooses for his mother’s actions is a perfect match.

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”

Source: peetmontzingo

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