Adorable Baby Deer Slowly Makes Its Way Across the Road

There are few animals as beautiful and adorable as deer. Check out as this adorable baby deer slowly makes its way across the road.

Thankfully this is not a deer in the headlights situation. At the start of this authentic footage, a woman is in her car on the road. She has her vehicle stopped as she talks to the little baby deer. She zooms in her camera and says, “Your mom already went.” The baby deer is sitting on the sewer drain, unsure what to do. Unfortunately, the baby deer’s back leg gets stuck in the drain as she tries to escape. The woman adds commentary, “Help Mama, she’s stuck.” Quickly the mother deer walks over towards her young to assist. 

The mother tries to get her baby out of the drain. The woman begins to exit her car to come and help. Right as she opens her car door, she says, “Oh, you got her.” 

The baby deer follows her mother across the road. The woman boldly gets closer as she videos the precious moment of the baby deer slowly moving toward the other side of the street. The woman is worried for the baby to be stuck in the road, then finally the baby makes it over to the hill. Suddenly, a car comes by and the deer goes up to her mom on the safe grass. 

This woman got a front row view in the life of this little deer. She was able to be up closer than normal for these skittish creatures. The baby deer is so precious. It is fun watching the little one get to safety. This is what God desires for us. He cheers us on to get to where He is leading us. Sometimes we might get stuck or have a hard time moving forward, but He encourages us and guides us on His paths.

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, “This is the way; walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21

Source: ViralHog

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