Hair Stylist's Heartwarming Reaction to Puppy Surprise Melts Hearts

One woman, a hair stylist, was surprised at work with a brand new puppy, and her reaction to the canine was heartwarming, sweet and enough to melt hearts everywhere. 

There arguably isn’t anything cuter on the Earth than babies, puppies and kittens. Most of the time, when anyone sees any of them, people must immediately stop and admire the precious sight before them. An individual’s next move is to either comment on how cute the infant, puppy or kitten is or to ask to hold the baby or pet the animal.

It must be some law that everyone must stop whatever they are doing whenever they come across either one because it always happens. It could be raining, freezing or snowing outside, but if someone sees a puppy being walked, they will somehow stop and acknowledge the animal. Sometimes, people may even start tearing up when seeing a baby, puppy or kitten.

A clip posted on social media captured one woman’s sweet, emotional reaction after being surprised at work with a new puppy. Immediately after laying eyes on the French bulldog puppy, tears start flowing.

The short, one-minute video starts with the camera following a young man carrying the dog. A few seconds into the video, he walks into a hair salon and greets his girlfriend with the puppy. She cannot contain her excitement and joy at seeing the sweet pup securely nestled in her boyfriend’s arms.

He doesn’t even say a word to her. The sight of the dog is enough to cause her to become overwhelmed with emotion.

The customers and the woman’s co-workers also take in the sweet sight, commenting on the precious pup and the woman’s heartwarming reaction to the animal.

Near the end of the video, her boyfriend transfers the dog into the woman’s arms, and it’s clear that she is already completely in love with the little pup.

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of evildoers are cruel.”

Source: ViralHog

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