Brave Homeowner Captures Bear's Broom Heist On Camera

A brave homeowner captures a bear’s broom heist on camera and you won’t believe the bear’s reaction! In a hilariously wild encounter, Susan Kehoe, a brave homeowner, found herself face to snout with a curious bear determined to pilfer her broom! The scene unfolded in Susan's cozy mountain cabin, where she was going about her daily chores when she spotted the mischievous bear sniffing around her front porch. But instead of succumbing to panic like a "fraidy cat," Susan decided to confront the furry intruder head-on.

"Hey there. I see you. I see you. Are you being a good boy? I love you!" Susan quipped, summoning all her courage as she addressed the curious critter. The bear, caught in the act of attempting to "brush" away with the broom, paused mid-reach, its eyes widening in surprise at being caught red-handed. But rather than scaring him off with a "bear-faced" lie, Susan engaged in a bit of lighthearted banter.

Before she tells him, “No! You stay out there. You're after my broom again.” Apparently, this isn’t her first bear encounter! She may as well have said, "Sorry, but this broom is for humans only! No 'paws' allowed.”

Undeterred by the bear's imposing size, Susan stood her ground with unwavering determination. The bear, perhaps sensing the playful spirit of the encounter, let out a low rumble that sounded suspiciously like a chuckle as he stood up with the broom as if he were going to sweep the front stoop. 

After a brief standoff filled with witty exchanges and playful antics, the bear relented, reluctantly abandoning its plans for a "clean" getaway. With a flick of its ears that seemed to say, "You win this time, human," the bear sat back on its haunches and put the broom down leaving Susan with a tale to "paws" and reflect on.

And so, armed with nothing but her quick wit and a healthy dose of humor, Susan Kehoe emerged victorious in her unlikely showdown with a broom-stealing bear. As for the broom? Well, it remained safely in Susan's possession, ready to tackle any messes that dared to cross its path.

Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones."

Source: ViralHog

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