Six Dogs Sit and Listen Attentively to a Bedtime Story in Adorable Clip

A group of six dogs gathered around, sitting next to one another and listened attentively to a bedtime story in an adorable clip.

The Lord knew exactly what he was doing when He put dogs on Earth. They are some of the most loving and loyal creatures you’ll ever encounter. Show a canine even the slightest bit of attention and kindness and you’ve got yourself a friend for life.

In addition to consistently demonstrating their loyalty and why they are called man’s best friend, they are also incredibly sweet creatures. Like humans, dogs, and all animals, for that matter, want to be somewhere and with someone who cares for and loves them.

An adorable clip posted on YouTube shows a group of some of the cutest and sweetest pups you’ll ever see. All six of them, while wearing sweaters, sit quietly, gathered around their owner as she reads them a bedtime story.

The dogs are thoroughly captivated by the story. None even tries to get up and leave during story time. They all want to know how the story ends. Of course, the story is about a man who finds a stray dog looking for a home. Who wouldn’t want to hear how a story like that unfolds?

Following the story's conclusion, the woman in the clip tells each of the sweet pups goodnight and gives them a well-deserved scratch on the head.

As anyone with a pet knows, getting an animal to sit still is always a chore. But, unbelievably, she got all six dogs to sit quietly and not move as she read to them.

That is likely to be the cutest clip you will see all day. I can’t imagine many other videos showing a more precious sight than a handful of dogs sitting and looking up at their owner as she reads to them.

Proverbs 12:10 “An upright man has thought for the life of his beast, but the hearts of the evildoers are cruel.”


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