Mom With ALS Shares Touching Dance With Son at Wedding

Get the tissues ready; here’s your good cry for the day as a mom with ALS shares a touching dance with her son at his wedding. 

As mamas, we dream of the day when we get to dance with our children at their weddings. It’s a dream planted in our hearts from the moment we first hold their squirmy little body in our arms. It’s a dream that grows as our kids grow up and find the whom their heart loves. 

It was the same for the woman named Kathy in this video. She raised her son Zak who went on to law school and accomplished all the things she had hoped. Eventually, he found someone to give his heart to, and Zak got married. In the midst of all of this, Kathy was diagnosed with a debilitating disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, otherwise known as ALS. This disease affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, and there is no cure. 

Despite losing her ability to walk, Zak and Kathy surprised everyone when she wheeled out onto the dance floor for their mother-son wedding dance. The moment will take your breath away. 

Cue the tissues and waterworks! With the help of his brothers, they hold Kathy up so she can dance for a few moments with Zak. You can see the emotions in Kathy’s eyes as her son lovingly talks to her and holds her up. As they are swaying to the music, he turns to whisper into Kathy’s ear what every mom longs to hear, “I love you.” And even though Kathy can’t use her limbs or speak, her heart echoes the words right back. 

Zak posted the video to his Instagram account and posted this caption: “Mom was diagnosed with ALS shortly before I graduated law school. Since that time, I’ve watched her bravely fight her diagnosis and challenge the odds against her. Despite not being able to stand on her own, my Mom and I shared a dance at my wedding. She inspires me every day to be humble, kind, and selfless. Love you, Mom.”

Since then, it’s gone viral because there are thousands of families affected by ALS but also because it was such an incredibly sacred and beautiful moment between a mother and her son. 

One person wrote, “The way you look at her, talk to her and take her into your arms is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.”

Another said, “My good cry for the day. Bless your heart, bless your mom. Your mom raised a good man.”

“What a beautiful moment for you both. My father is currently battling ALS as well. Such an awful disease. Prayers for your family.”

We hope this special moment brought a smile to your face!

Source: z_poirier

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