Holderness Family Sings Funny Song About Targets Store’s Redesign

Holderness Family Sings Funny Song About Targets Store’s Redesign

Oh the Holderness Family. They did it again. They created a fun parody about every mom’s love of Target, and it’s the best. But this time they poke fun at how their local Target store is under a remodel and mom is at a loss because NOTHING is where it should be. The funny Holderness family sings about mom’s love of Target. 

Maybe you love shopping at Target or The Dollar Tree, or maybe even Wal-Mart. It could be Trader Joe’s or Costco, it doesn’t matter. The point is, we moms love shopping alone because when we have kids, shopping is a luxury. 

And for a few moms who love these stores, shopping alone is a chance to grab coffee, look at Joanna Gaines decor, and dream about having nice things once our lovely little babies grow up and leave the house. (No sense in buying cute things if the kids are doing to destroy it, right?) 

Well for Kim Holderness, Target holds a special place in her heart. She knows the store blindfolded and according to the many, many videos the family has created, it is indeed Kim’s happy place. 

But this time around, her husband Penn isn’t singing about how much she spends or how many scented candles she’s bought. This time, she’s feeling out of sorts because her Target is going under renovation for a new layout. And the video is absolutely, magically hilarious. 

Kim knows the store layout like the back of her hand. She knows exactly what aisle she needs to get to in order to find her scented candles, decor pillows, and pasta containers. 

But since her favorite store is undergoing renovations, going shopping is no longer a stress-relieving therapy. Especially since cat food is on the floor and her favorite sweatpants are next to the cleaning supplies. 

The good Lord knows moms need a little bit of stability and this time Kim is going to have to rely on Jesus to fix it more than her favorite store. 

In this funny parody, you can journey with Penn as he sings about how his babe is officially distraught…and how she knows her store is “building a better Target,” she just wants things to be the way they used to be. It’s something every mom can relate to and you don’t want to miss it! 

Watch the video below and sing along, “My baby’s lost her way in Target! If you wanna use the bathroom, there’s a port-a-potty!”

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