Colorblind Boyfriend Cries After Special Glasses Allow Him To See Color

In a sweet gesture, one girlfriend gives her colorblind boyfriend special glasses to allow him to see color. And his reaction to putting them on is just priceless!

In the video that the girlfriend made, she shared that her boyfriend has been colorblind since birth. And she was able to get him a pair of special sunglasses as a present in order for him to see full color for the first time.

As she films him opening his present, the boyfriend starts to realize what he has received as he pulls the glasses out of the box.

“Is this what I think they are?” he says as he wipes away happy tears from his eyes. What an incredible gift for him to receive, and what great anticipation he must have had before putting them on!

“Thank you so much! I love you,” the boyfriend says to his girlfriend after opening the gift. He gets up and gives her a hug before heading outside to try them on.

After wiping the happy tears away from his eyes, the boyfriend walks to the backyard and puts on his new special glasses. He looks around the backyard and takes in his surroundings. He looks at the trees, the grass, the sky, everything! It is clear to see that he is in awe! And he is wearing a big smile across his face!

Then he is given balloons that are red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and orange in order to look at them and see the different colors with his glasses on. What a wonderful gift for this colorblind man! He is truly so happy, and his girlfriend must love to see him taking in this joyful new experience.

May we look for ways to love the ones in our lives well and help create joyful memories for our loved ones. This is one gift that this boyfriend will never forget!

Source: Rumble Viral

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