Widower Cries After Seeing Tattoo On His Heart Dedicated To Late Wife

This video is so powerful and full of emotion. A widower cries after seeing a tattoo on his heart dedicated to his late wife. Now he can carry his wife over his heart for the rest of his life.

Though we don’t know much about the man or how long he and his wife had been married, we can tell by the emotions written all over his face that his marriage must have mirrored the relationship in the epic romance, “The Notebook.” And he found a way to keep the memory of her close. 

As the widower stood up to take in the view of the new ink on his chest, he adjusted his glasses and couldn’t believe how life-like the tattoo of his wife looked. There she smiled back at him with love captured in her gaze.

A lifetime of memories flooded his heart as tears welled in his eyes. He turned and hugged the tattoo artist with gratitude. Those who witnessed this viral video were overwhelmed with emotion too. One viewer commented, “So sweet. Made me cry! I wish I had a man like that!” Another commented, “Heartwarming.” It’s a beautiful way to remember the love of his life. 

Tattoos are a new way to commemorate a significant date, the birth of a child, or as a symbol of strength, courage, and love. Some get tattoos because they love being a walking, artistic canvas. Still others have their favorite Bible verse inked into their skin.

No matter the reason, this widower’s reason has us all blinking back tears as our hearts ache that he’s lost the love of his life. But we are comforted to know he will one day get to embrace his wife when God calls him home. Can you imagine what that incredible reunion will be like? In the meantime, he will carry his wife with him wherever he goes. 

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalm 34:18


Source: Rumble Viral

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