Coach Performs Hilarious Gymnastics Comedy Routine

Coach Performs Hilarious Gymnastics Comedy Routine

Gymnastic programs are typically watched in absolute silence, but these audiences are far from quiet as they enjoy this coach perform hilarious gymnastics comedy routines! Paul Hunt is the star of this crazy, comic, and vintage video that features clips from five different performances he did at events around the world, clothed and “competing” as a female athlete in every one.

Paul, now in his late 60’s, was a gymnast at the University of Illinois. In fact, he was the Illinois state all-around gymnastics champion in 1969. But, the performances that delight spectators here take place in the 1970’s and 1980’s when Paul had begun coaching students of his own.

In these competitions, Paul is known as Paulina Huntesque, Pauletta Huntenova, or another similar monaker, depending on the country of performance. And, she has crowds rolling as they watch her flop awkwardly between the uneven bars, dangle from the balance beam, and prance across the floor mat.

Paul is in costume… mostly. He wears skirted leotards in pink, yellow, and patriotic colors. Each ensemble is accompanied by matching hair bows, but Paul has failed to shave. His thick mustache and/or chest hair is in no way disguised and, in every way, adds to the hilarity of his act.

The off-screen judges comment on Paul’s athletic accomplishments, family, Utah gymnastic school, and more. They point out, too, how very impressive these silly performances are, stating that it takes a great deal of skill in order to perform that badly. In each one, we see Paul pound face-first into the mat. It looks very painful, but he’s doing it all for fun! He is described by one expert as “a magnificent gymnast and quite a showman.”

These performances must have been great fun for his students—the opportunity to see their gifted coach perform and make fun of himself in this way. Paul’s gym, Hunt’s Gymnastic Academy, operated in Midvale, Utah until the end of 2020. He had served approximately 500 students since opening Hunt’s Gym in the 1980’s. Paul is now retired, but what a career he had! What a legacy he left!

“a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to mourn and a time to dance,” Ecclesiastes 3:4

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