Classic 1994 Ice Skating Routine To 'Walk This Way' From Scott Hamilton

Classic 1994 Ice Skating Routine To 'Walk This Way' From Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton’s 1994 ice skating routine to “Walk This Way” is most certainly a classic, equally as fun and entertaining to watch today as it was when performed nearly thirty years ago! 

Enjoy this video, and you’ll understand why Mr. Scott Hamilton was ranked one of the top eight most popular athletes in America just one year before in 1993. The Associated Press reported the results of a national sports study, which placed Scott far ahead of athletes like Michael Jordan, Dan Marino, and Wayne Gretzky! Pretty impressive!

Scott doesn’t ease into this performance. It is full of energy from the first note of Aerosmith’s boy-meets-girl hit. Sure, there are all the elements of traditional figure skating, but there is a whole lot more, too!

In between the spins and jumps, Scott is shaking, gesturing to the audience, matching his moves to the music—both the instrumental and the lyrical pace and spirit. This song’s lyrics are fast-moving and racy, but not a moment of the performance moves slow.

Check out Scott’s playful dance at 7 seconds, his guitar-mimicking moves at 38 seconds, and the hilarious sequence of “walks” that he begins at 60 seconds. Scott is part Olympic athlete, part comedian, and part story-teller. And, his performance is 100% genius from start to finish! 

The commentator observes that Scott always has his body right over his legs, which, evidently, demonstrates that he is “never out of control.” And, just as he is lamenting that he didn’t put any money on Scott on this particular evening, Scott does a backflip! He does all this while wearing a very garish 90’s costume, to boot!

The performance concludes with a spin of epic proportions, a big finish, and a smile from Scott that shows he might very well know he’s just won the 1994 The Gold Figure Skating Championships. This professional competition is open only to those who have already scored Olympic gold.

Now 63-years-old, Scott began his professional skating career in 1984 after an abundantly successful amateur career. In the years since, he has been a commentator, appeared on multiple television shows, authored books, and worked on several charitable projects.

Scott Hamilton has experienced testicular cancer and three brain tumors, the first of which stunted his growth when he was a child. Tennessee is home to Scott, his wife, and four kids. There’s a lot to know about this incredibly talented individual. 

One thing is for sure, he knows how to “bring it” on the ice!

“A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.” Proverbs 15:13

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