Crocodile Jumps Out Of Water To Snatch Drone Taking Video

Crocodile Jumps Out Of Water To Snatch Drone Taking Video

It takes a brave person to interact with a crocodile, but thankfully in this video, it was by drone. Check out this clip when a crocodile jumps right out of the water to snatch a drone while it’s recording a video!

Everybody loves a good animal encounter video. In this clip, you see a crocodile come straight up out of the water biting at a drone. The videographer hysterically comments, “I thought, oh wow, that was brand new, this is going to be hard to explain to the boss.”

Videographer Dane Hirst works for the Australian Broadcast Corporation and his video has gone viral. The video shares, “he was filming a 50th anniversary documentary for the crocodile hunting ban in the northern territory.”

Dane noticed that one crocodile, in particular, was really eyeballing the drone, so he focused in on him. This crocodile ended up getting angry and coming vertically out of the water to attack the drone.

Thankfully, staff found the drone washed up on the shoreline of the lagoon two weeks later. The footage was able to be restored from a memory card. Dane reveals that he hung the drone on a bulletin board at their office as a “cautionary tale.”

Sometimes the enemy attacks us seemingly out of nowhere in our spiritual lives like this crocodile attacked the drone. We must always be on our guard. Scripture tells us to keep watch because the enemy is prowling around. We do not need to fear because we have Jesus, but we do need to put on His armor daily.

“Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.” 1 Peter 5:8

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