Cat Meets A Toddler For The First Time And Its Reaction Is Priceless

Cat Meets A Toddler For The First Time And Its Reaction Is Priceless

When this cat meets a toddler for the first time, its reaction is absolutely priceless — you’ll be laughing for the rest of the day!

TikTok user, Ashlie Arnold, caught this hilarious interaction and just knew she had to share it with the rest of the world. She and her son visited her friend at her home for the first time. Since Ashlie’s family has a cat, her toddler already knew just what to do.

The gray cat in the video, also known as Potato, definitely did NOT know what to do. He had never seen a human SO tiny! What is this creature?!

Clearly, Potato had already retreated to higher grounds where he thought he might be a little safer. But boy oh boy was he wrong. The kid’s curiosity will win every time.

Potato initially seems completely stunned. He’s almost completely frozen while keeping his face as far away from the creature as possible. And look at his eyes! They look like they could pop out of his head any second! His reaction looks so dramatic that it seems like he’s a cartoon character!

Ashlie’s son looks over at his mom as if he’s saying, “What’s wrong with this cat?!” The cat’s odd response doesn’t deter the little guy, and he goes right back to befriending him.

There’s no way this cat’s response to the tiny human could get any more ridiculous. But it does.

When the toddler reaches out to pet him, Potato pulls his paw out of reach and holds it in the air like he’s ready to wack the strange creature. Watching the boy’s every move, Potato puts both his paws in the air in defense with that same goofy look on his face. He looks like he might fall back off of his cat tree!

Even though the little boy’s attempt to befriend Potato failed in the video, I’d imagine the cat eventually came around. How could you not want to be friends with such an adorable small human?!

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