Secret Santa Surprises Daycare Worker Who Walks To Work Every Day

Secret Santa Surprises Daycare Worker Who Walks To Work Every Day

Eastern Idaho’s very own Secret Santa surprises one daycare worker who walks to work every day, and, in the process, he kicks off her holiday in a wonderful way!

Idaho is known as “the Gem State,” and they have definitely got one among them! An anonymous gentleman, referred to as “Secret Santa,” is on a mission to gift $1 million to deserving folks in his community. And, he has sought the help of the East Idaho News to carry out his gift-giving assignments. How cool is that!

Here we see Nate Eaton as he visits one very special lady at the daycare where she works in Rexburg. However, Nate first takes a few minutes to explain why Jaime has been selected to be one of Secret Santa’s recipients.

Jaime has been described as “kind” and “sweet,” and she is very dedicated to her work teaching and caring for the children in her charge. Jaime has a wonderful singing voice, and she’s a graduate of BYU-Idaho. But, Jaime faces considerable challenges.

Jaime has health concerns, which prevent her from driving. So, she walks each day from her apartment to her community’s Walmart shuttle, takes the shuttle to work, and reverses the process at the end of each day. Idaho weather can get pretty nasty, but Jaime walks through ice and snow nonetheless. And, while Jaime loves to sing, she also has partial hearing loss.

After sharing a bit about Jaime, Nate goes into Jaime’s work to meet her and make her day! It takes just a few seconds to see that Nate’s description of Jaime is clearly true. She does seem very kind and sweet indeed!

Nate gives Jaime three gifts, and she appears more touched by each one. The first is $1,000 to spend on groceries, which can be ordered and delivered to her home. The second is $1,000 to use at PetSmart. This gift is primarily for Emmett, Jaime’s service dog, and roommate. That’s a lot of dog food! Emmett may even get some treats or toys in his stocking! Finally, Jaime is given $1,000 to use with Uber’s ride service. Can you imagine how much nicer winter in Rexburg will be for Jaime this year!

Jaime has the most unassuming and soft-spoken manner—a beautiful lady inside and out! If Secret Santa is an East Idaho gem, then it certainly seems he found a treasure in Jaime!

“So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.” Matthew 6:2

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