24-Year-Old Contestant Moves The Judges With Original Song On Italy's Got Talent

24-Year-Old Contestant Moves The Judges With Original Song On Italy's Got Talent

No words are needed to take the stage and win the audition. At least, it was for Ekaterina Shelehova, a 24-year-old contestant who moves the judges with an original song on Italy’s Got Talent. 

Ekaterina literally started her performance on a low note with the guttural sounds of an animal. At first, the judges were confused and disappointed because they weren’t sure what to expect but they did expect singing. But Ekaterina continued to perform, everyone, including the judges, was stunned. 

She created a song so mesmerizing and primordial, one could imagine her voice as the background music in almost any Bible story. Perhaps we could pair her voice to the scene when Satan approached Eve in the Garden of Eden or maybe when King David is being hunted by King Saul. 

Her voice takes you back in time and calls out to something ancient and deep. Parts of her song almost sounded like birds trilling and chirping while other parts of her performance sounded like the earth was literally moving. The type of music she created is called “Throat Singing” which she explained to the judges after winning them over with her performance. 

She tells the judges that she has been singing since the age of three and fell in love with Opera. Learning to sing Opera was a brutal experience but she absolutely loved it. She was born in Russia and grew up in Canada before settling in Italy to study music. When she heard about Italy’s Got Talent, she couldn’t help but audition. And we are so glad she did!

One viewer commented, “Every time I listen to this, I get chills and it brings tears to my eyes. But it also makes me feel nostalgic or like something is calling to me. I get this when listening to kulning [sic] as well. Your voice is so beautiful and it just hits the soul. I cannot wait to hear more of your music!” 

Another viewer posted, “This is so beautiful. IM [sic] CRYING. This is one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard. Other viewers posted that her voice needs to be the background music of movies like Lord Of The Rings. Some posted and wanted her to let them know when she releases her first album. 

After her video was first initially posted to YouTube, it went viral with more than 1,052,113 views and counting. And we can all praise Jesus for Ekaterina’s exotic trills and harmonic tones. We hope this unique singer and talent puts a smile on your face! 

“Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God.” Colossians 3:16

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