Retiring Doctor Surprises Coworkers With Impressive Roller-Skating Ability

A longtime physician found a unique way to celebrate his retirement and surprise his coworkers. 

No matter how much someone loves going to their job, coworkers and their place of work, they constantly keep their retirement in the back of their minds. Most people plan and dutifully save for the day when they can kick back and enjoy their golden years. But when that big day finally arrives how do you properly mark and celebrate that special occasion?

Well, one man, Dr. Phillip Masterson, a physician in Texas, used his skills on wheels to commemorate the day of his retirement. In the clip posted on YouTube, Dr. Masterson, who has worked in the medical field for nearly four decades, skates back and forth across the medical facility.

Text in the video states that the good doctor wanted to “surprise his colleagues by showing off his roller-skating skills to the office staff.”

Not only does the doctor move swiftly back and forth in front of the desk in the short clip, but he also does it backward. 

It’s clear that this doctor has skills! It’s also apparent that he did surprise his coworkers and might have even scared them just a tad.

Around the 20-second mark, Dr. Masterson gets up to a pretty good pace. But while he is going forward, he then quickly spins around and goes backward for a few feet before coming to a stop. One of the women sitting at the desk put her hand on her chest, apparently fearing for the doctor’s safety.

But have no fear. This doctor clearly knows what he’s doing!

As Dr. Masterson puts on the skating exhibition, several people use their phones to capture the special and unique moment. 

We wish the roller-skating doctor nothing but the best in his retirement!

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I am conscious of my thoughts about you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you hope at the end.”


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