Carol Burnett And Jerry Lewis Go On Date In Hysterical Sketch

Two comedic legends, Carol Burnett and Jerry Lewis, play two socially awkward individuals on a first date in another hilarious sketch from The Carol Burnett Show.

Dating can be a weird and uncomfortable process. Mustering up the nerve to ask someone out can be a daunting task. But first dates can be even more unpleasant as two people try to strike up a conversation to get to know one another. Sometimes there’s a spark or a connection, and other times, it ends badly.

In a clip posted on YouTube, Carol Burnett and Jerry Lewis play two people who are odd and peculiar by nearly every conceivable measure. They’ve been set up on a date by their loud, overbearing parents, who inform them that much is riding on them forging a love connection. The pressure is on for these two people to hit it off.

Jerry Lewis, wearing dark, thick-rimmed glasses, a suit jacket and slacks several inches too short, enters the room for his big date. Carol also wears thick glasses and has a “postnasal drip.” 

The date is off to a rough start as Jerry walks into and trips over the couch. They quickly size each other up, and the conservation is not exactly sparkling. Each talks about their background and their social failures. 

About halfway through the skit, Carol’s character states that her father suggested she undergo plastic surgery. Jerry asks when she plans to have it done, and Carol hilariously responds that it has already been completed.

There is also some dancing, which is essentially nothing more than Jerry hoping and jumping about the room. 

But then something odd and unexpected happens. The two quickly fall in love and share what is likely the weirdest first kiss possible. They then follow it up with the strangest second kiss ever.

How Carol and Jerry made it through the entire sketch without laughing or smiling is beyond me. It is an absolutely hysterical sketch!

Proverbs 17:22 “A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit makes the bones dry.”


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