'Unsung Hero' True Story Of Christian Artists Rebecca St. James And For King And Country

'Unsung Hero' True Story Of Christian Artists Rebecca St. James And For King And Country

This is an incredible movie based on the true story of Australian Christian artists coming to America. “'Unsung Hero' is the true story of Christian artists Rebecca St. James and For King And Country.

The movie begins in Nashville in 1991. The parents get connected with a local church, and they discover that the couple is from Australia. A congregant unknowingly asks if they are from England. 

The daughter Rebecca tells her dad that she wrote a song and wondered if she could ask for an audition, but the dad encourages her to slow down. The dad is a promoter who is then motivated to have his daughter share her song for the label. The mother in a powerful scene, shows a jar with money in it. 

She says that it is all that they have and that “it can grow and shrink, but it cannot disappear.” The husband works in lawn services. The family is seen around a dinner table. They are hugging, laughing, riding in the car, and the couple looks lovingly across the room at one another. 

There is a moment where Rebecca says, “Maybe she is right. Maybe I am not meant to sing.” Her mom speaks truth into her life by saying, “Or maybe you’re not meant to sing other people's songs.” 

An emotional moment comes when Rebecca looks at her mother and says that her dream is to be like her mom. Comically at the end of the trailer, Joel and Luke Smallbone are seen as little boys saying they want a record deal, and the dad tells them to get in line. Suddenly you see clips of them on huge stages performing today. 

The movie comes out on April 26th and looks like a must-see for the whole family. This family has modeled walking by faith in the Lord and trusting in Him to open the right doors.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight.” 2 Corinthians 5:7

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