'Build A Boat' Colton Dixon Performs With Country Star Gabby Barrett

Check out this live performance of ‘Build A Boat’ by Colton Dixon and featuring country star Gabby Barrett.

“I've been wandering through the desert, ain't seen a cloud in forever over me
But I believe Your rain is coming, yeah, I've been hanging onto high hopes
'Cause You're the one who's making dry bones come to life, You're the light I put my trust in
Every word You say is gonna come true, You will lead me to the promised land”

What a great song that tells the story of Noah and his ark. Colton Dixon shared how the courage in Noah’s story inspired him to write ‘Build A Boat.’

“When Noah was telling people, ‘Hey, God spoke to me and said that a flood was coming,’ there’s no way people in their right mind took him seriously,” Colton Dixon explained. “How often do we let other people dictate our future? We believe what they say more than what God says.”

He continued: “‘Build a Boat’ is an anthem for anyone willing to stand up or step out for what they believe in. Just as Noah stepped out to construct an ark in the middle of a drought, faith can look a little crazy sometimes. I hope this song encourages you to go beyond what’s comfortable to experience the reward waiting on the other side of crazy faith.”

The song ‘Build A Boat’ already has over 2 million streams online, and Colton Dixon played the song for his Grand Ole Opry debut.

We hope that you were encouraged today by listening to ‘Build A Boat,’ and may it remind you to step out in faith when God places something on your heart.


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