What Really Goes on in Mind of 'World's Smartest Dog'

What Really Goes on in Mind of 'World's Smartest Dog'

What really goes on in the mind of the ‘world’s smartest dog?’ Well, you’re about to find out. 

Chaser happens to be considered “the smartest dog in the world.” She’s a border collie who is showing the world just how special these companions are. 

We know dogs are considered a man’s best friend. God made dogs as companions and helpers and for the immense love they give us. Maybe it’s a stretch to think God might have created these special creatures to show us what unconditional love looks like. They aren’t just loveable creatures, they’re intuitive and smart, too.

For the last several years, Chaser has been showing mankind just how smart dogs are. In fact, she can identify 1,022 toys and she understands nouns and verbs. How smart is that? Chaser inspired other scientists like Doctor Greg Burns, a neuroscientist, to find out what is going on inside their minds. 

Doctor Burns studied the human brain for more than two decades but then he got to wondering whether or not his dog cared about him or if it was just a dog being a dog. He said, “It started out with a desire to know really, what does my dog think of me.” 

It turns out that dogs really do care about us after all. Dr. Burns learned dogs truly recognize and love their owners. When a dog catches its owner’s scent or sees them, the dog’s brain lights up the same way a human does when it comes to loved ones. 

The next time your dog runs happily to greet you, you’ll know he really does love and care about you. Every dog is different, but each loves their human in their own special way. No matter how your pup shows affection, we can thank God for creating a creature who loves us unconditionally and makes us feel less alone. 

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