'Miracle Power' We The Kingdom Acoustic Performance

'Miracle Power' We The Kingdom Acoustic Performance

Listen to this acoustic performance from We The Kingdom of their song ‘Miracle Power.’

“This is for the lost and lonely, for the broken and afraid, this is for those who are hurting
Hoping help is on the way, in these battles of addiction, when fear is chasing after me
Whatever trouble I am facing, I will lift my hands and sing, I believe in miracle power
In a wonder working God, I am filled with the Holy Spirit, working wonders in my heart”

This new single from We The Kingdom’s upcoming second album is such an incredible song, and one that reminds us of how the Holy Spirit is active and still performing miracles today.

The band members of We The Kingdom each shared on Instagram about how the song ‘Miracle Power’ speaks to them. Here is what Franni wrote on her page:

“Miracles have a beautiful way of restoring childlike wonder back into the hearts of men and women. They leave you awestruck in a way nothing else can,” she writes.

“God wants us to receive His miracles, not for the miracles alone, but in order to grow deeper in the knowledge of Him and all of who He is. My hope for this song is that it fans the flames of your faith and catapults you into the loving arms of the Living God. On this side of heaven, God does not always work things out in the timing or the way that we hope for. I think many of us let that shut off our hearts to God as we step back into the shadows of⁠ disappointment. God wants us to lift our eyes to heaven and to Jesus. Have we forgotten this earth is⁠ not our home? If not in this life, then in the next, I am confident that Jesus Christ makes ALL things beautiful and right in their time. Look up! He is inviting us to watch Him as He works wonders in creation and in the human hearts of His beloved people.⁠”

What a beautiful message to go with this wonderful song! We hope that it encouraged you today!

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