Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins Sings Funny Song “Colonoscopy”

Known for his mostly clean comedy, Christian Comedian Tim Hawkins sings a funny song entitled “Colonoscopy,” and gets big laughs for something few folks find amusing!

“Colonoscopy” borders on middle-school-boy humor, but most adolescents know nothing about the procedure that Mr. Hawkins describes in his original song. 

It’s a particularly sensitive appointment that women and men ought to make between the ages of 40 and 50, depending on medical history, of course. Still, though, Tim Hawkins makes light of the dreaded medical must-do!

He starts by telling the audience that he’s going to get serious, saying, “it’s not all fun and games.” God has given him a stage and a voice, and he does not wish to waste it. Therefore, he is making a “public service announcement,” hoping that he can help at least one person in attendance. 

Though he is somber in his tone, the orange and green kazoo flute that he has now positioned around his neck contradicts the genuineness of his message. 

His deadpan delivery is not fooling anyone and chuckles bubble up in the crowd. He finishes his song introduction with an “Amen” and a sloppy lick of his plastic horn. With a hearty and fast beat, he is off and running. 

Here is one verse from Mr. Hawkins’ hilarious medical anthem:

There is some preparation that you should know about
You have to drink this fluid that will surely clean you out
They'll take a certain instrument to take a look inside
In honesty, it can be a bumpy ride

The kazoo adds interesting sound effects to the already descriptive lyrics. Phrases like “take one for the team” and “careful when you sneeze” produce uproarious laughter. And, with a few strategically placed high-pitched words, he makes his message even more real. 

Tim gets tickled at one point, too! The song, if recalled, might actually bring a smile during a real-life colonoscopy. Though, grinning on the table might require an explanation!

It’s fun and silly, and Tim Hawkins provides an alternative to humor that is filthy and sexual—even if it is perhaps a smidge juvenile. Thank you, Tim, for your good humor!   

Whoever would love life and see good days must keep their tongue from evil and their lips from deceitful speech. 1 Peter 3:10


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