'I Still Believe' Brian Johnson And Bethel Music Live Performance

'I Still Believe' Brian Johnson And Bethel Music Live Performance

Listen to this live performance by Brian Johnson and Bethel Music of their new song ‘I Still Believe.’

“I choose to sing when I can hardly breathe out a breath, I choose to stand
When all I wanna do is give up, I choose to trust when my whole world is falling apart
I choose You, Jesus, ‘cause I still believe through it all, I still believe You are wonderful
You’ve never given up on me, You’ve never given up on me”

What an amazing song! This brand new single from Bethel Music is led by Brian Johnson, and it is from Bethel Music's upcoming new album titled Simple. The album is “a reflection of God's grace and the joy in the simplicity of the life that He has given us all. It also serves as a reminder to step back and enjoy each day as it comes.”

Many people online shared their thoughts about the song and how much it has impacted them.

“Such a powerful song,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the performance video. “Thank you, Bethel Church. So moved to especially see Brian Johnson sing this after coming out of such deep loss of losing his mother Beni Johnson. You have inspired and instilled deep hope in so many of our hearts through this song. Thank you again.”

“Thank you, Jesus. I still believe!” writes another person online. “This song speaks to the importance of choosing God even when we do not feel like it. What an important message! I’ve found in my own life that God has moved the most when I’ve been through such dry and hard seasons that required a lot more faith. I love you, Lord!”

When talking about the song ‘I Still Believe,’ Brian Johnson shares, "We had a bunch of things going on, the kind of things in life that challenge your faith which I think everyone can relate to."

We hope that this song encourages you to cling to God and His faithfulness in the hard and blessed times of life.

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