'Great Big Hands Of Jesus' Live From The Collingsworth Family

'Great Big Hands Of Jesus' Live From The Collingsworth Family

Listen to this wonderful performance by The Collingsworth Family of their song ‘Great Big Hands of Jesus.’

“If you bring me your burdens, I will do what I can do.
But my best efforts will only prove I am human too. My hands are so feeble,
But I bring you good news! In the great, big hands of Jesus, all things are possible!
With the mighty hands of the master, He’s making miracles. Don’t be afraid, reach out in faith,
All you are needing and more is in the great, big, marvelous, capable hands of the Lord!”

What a great performance by this talented family who loves the Lord! This music video was filmed at Liberty University's Center For Music And Worship Arts in Lynchburg, VA in 2021. Brooklyn, who is a part of The Collingsworth Family, starts off the song with her beautiful voice. Then the rest of the family joins in singing this uplifting song to the audience, and it is lovely to see them all worshiping on stage together.

“There's nothing like a group sing made of family to harmonize so beautifully,” comments one person on YouTube after watching the video. “God bless them as they have used their Divine talent to bless so many others.”

“Hallelujah! In His capable marvelous hands I place myself and my kids, because in His hands all things are possible!” another person writes online.

Phil and Kim Collingsworth are the ones who started their family’s band. “Since their first engagement together as musicians for a church camp in Petersburg, Michigan in August, 1986 until now, the ministry God has given Phil & Kim has expanded and flourished until it is a full-time livelihood that involves their entire family,” reads the family’s YouTube page. It is clear that the Collingsworth family has used their gifts for decades to bring glory to the Lord!

We hope you enjoyed listening to their performance of ‘Great Big Hands of Jesus’ today!

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