'That Special Time Of Year' Reggie Lady Love Smith Live Performance

'That Special Time Of Year' Reggie  Lady Love Smith Live Performance

‘That Special Time of Year, sung by Reggie and Lady Love gives a live performance that will set your heart on the sights of a truly special Christmas season. 

“I'm sure you feel it coming. There’s something in the breeze. It might be slightly snowing or seventy degrees. Regardless of your hemisphere, the holidays are here. And with them come tidings of the year.” 

Surrounded by a living room filled with Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and a sweet little pup sitting in her plush bed, the duo delivers a magical performance you don’t want to miss. The moment will put a smile on your face and ignite a fire in your heart for the Christmas season. 

You can help but tap your toes to the beat and whisper silent prayers of joy to our heavenly father. 

The performance was released on social media a mere two weeks ago. Even though the Christmas season is a mere two months away, the video has gone viral with over 52,000 views. 

Fans of Lady Love and Reggie couldn’t help but give them props for such a beautiful song. One viewer wrote, “When you kneel down to God, He stands up for you, and when He stands up for you, no one can stand against you. Praise God praying for everyone every day. God bless you all.” 

Another fan wrote of how they reminded them of the meaning of the Christmas season and wrote, “Great song! Jesus is the most special gift one can receive! Love you two!” We couldn’t agree more. 

Another fan praised God for the gift of music he’s given to Lady Love and Reggie, “You guys are so gifted by the Lord Most High. Thank you Jesus for your anointing you put in your children to sing and play the instruments.” 

No matter where you are this Christmas season, whether it’s in the middle of Nebraska or on the beaches of Florida; may this season be full of hope, joy, and salvation. 

Matthew 1:21 “And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name Jesus: for he shall save his people from their sins.”

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