'St. Ferdinand' Lauren Daigle Live Performance

'St. Ferdinand' Lauren Daigle Live Performance

Listen to this beautiful live performance of the song ‘St. Ferdinand' by Lauren Daigle.

“They said I wouldn't last long, but here I am, they say the spirits are strong
But I got 'em to bend, oh, life gave me lessons that I still question, oh
They said I wouldn't last long, but here I am, oh, Saint Ferdinand, my wonderland
Wild and strange, where vagabonds play, Saint Ferdinand, not what I planned”

Lauren Daigle’s soulful voice blends so wonderfully with the instruments and other vocalists in this music video as they all harmonize together. And the singer shares the background of her new song ‘St. Ferdinand’ in a recent interview.

“The song ‘Saint Ferdinand’ is all about longing for a place that you once loved, but you had to move on. I left Louisiana, moved to Nashville, but Louisiana will always be the core of who I am. But I did pick up new things along the way,” shared Lauren Daigle. 

“Sometimes, when you go through adversity and go through having to learn yourself in a new way, the challenge of a new city or a new place or whatever, it does strengthen you in the long run. It really does teach you and show you what you’re made of. And with this song, it’s all about that journey of feeling like, ‘Oh, I’m never gonna make it, I’m never gonna survive here.’ And then before you know it, you’re falling in love because you allowed yourself to just go through the hurdle of missing home.”

In the song, Lauren Daigle shared that Natalie Hemby, who sings the background vocals, represents the Nashville side of her life. And Jon Batiste, who plays the melodica in the song, represents her hometown.

We hope that you enjoy listening to ‘St. Ferdinand' by Lauren Daigle today!

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