'Who Is Like The Lord' Live From Passion

Listen to this music video of the worship song ‘Who Is Like The Lord’ live from this year’s Passion Conference.

“Who was there before there was creation, who illuminates the stars and sun
Who has set eternity in motion, there is just One 
Who can calm the storm with just a whisper, who can make the darkest demons run
Who can break the curse of generations, there is just One”

This song is one that will capture your heart and have you singing it out loud to praise our Heavenly Father. Passion Music and Landon Wolfe were the ones to create the song ‘Who Is Like The Lord’ with the intention of bringing joy to all who listen to it.

The song lyrics mention “the mighty Lion of Judah” and “the pure and spotless Lamb” who is “the Alpha and Omega, the good and great I Am.” When we listen to the lyrics, we are reminded of how great our God is and how He bows low to love us. 

He isn’t a far-off, distant God, but He is near and lavishes His love on us. When you think about the great disparity between us, you can not help but be overwhelmed and worship Him.

In the video, Landon Wolfe is singing ‘Who Is Like The Lord’ in the middle of a huge stadium with thousands of people singing out in worship alongside him. It is a powerful scene to witness – to see all of those people raising their voices together to bring glory to our Father in Heaven.

We hope that you enjoyed listening to the worship song ‘Who Is Like The Lord’ today and that the lyrics and music were able to bring you some encouragement and joy.

Psalm 145:3
"Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised, and His greatness is unsearchable." 

Source: Passion Music

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