Caring Dog Helps Her Humans Care For Twin Babies

Caring Dog Helps Her Humans Care For Twin Babies

Lucy, a caring dog, helps her humans care for their twin babies. 

Most parents wish for an extra set of hands when caring for newborns. This couple especially wished for an extra set of hands as they care for newborn twin girls. Lucky for them, they were given the perfect set of paws. 

A new dad went viral online after he posted a video of his helper, Lucy, who is his furbaby. In the video, Josh documents all the different ways Lucy has helped pick up the slack. 

At the beginning of the video, one of the babies is getting fussy. Josh assumes it’s time for a bottle and asks Lucy to get one. Lucy understands what her dad is asking and eagerly heads to the fridge to get a bottle. She opens the fridge and retrieves the bottle with her tail wagging as she takes it back to Josh. 

In another scene, Lucy stands by as Josh and his wife get the girls ready for playtime. Lucy seems to know what’s next as she anticipates what the girls might need. Josh then tells Lucy it’s playtime and to grab some toys. Instantly, Lucy is on top of it, ready to make playtime fun. 

Josh says, “I think Lucy has a complex understanding of words and item recognition as well.” When Josh and his wife realized how special Lucy is, they decided to incorporate her more into their daily lives. 

“I feel like Lucy and I have connected in a different sense, and now I can see the mother side of her,” Josh added

We knew dogs were kind, loyal, and great companions, but who knew they could be this smart and helpful? Josh and his family are incredibly blessed to have Lucy as their furbaby and extra helper. 

The LORD is good to all, and his mercy is over all that he has made,” Psalm 145:9. 

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