Epic Celebration On Basketball Court After Snow Day Announcement

Epic Celebration On Basketball Court After Snow Day Announcement

In this video, there’s breaking news–tomorrow is a snow day. 

Watch the epic celebration on the basketball court after a snow day announcement. A young broadcaster at Hamilton High School, Aiden Lynch, was giving the play-by-play announcement during a Hamilton Hawkeyes varsity boys basketball game when Aiden delivered the ultimate news: “Tomorrow is a snow day,” he cheered.

The entire crowd caught his enthusiasm. Their reaction was akin to winning a championship game. The students were jumping and cheering when Aiden made the announcement. His genuine excitement and the reaction of the students have since gone viral. He even caught the attention of Late Night Host, Jimmy Fallon who teased, “Wow that kid must really hate school.” 

What happened? Well, here’s the recap. During the last twenty seconds of the game, superintendent Bradford Lusk walks into the gym and heads to the student section. When he delivered the news, the kids when be getting the snow day they were dreaming of. The crowd cheers and erupts into chanting about a snow day as they race onto the court.

That’s when Aiden decided to make breaking news. “Well, there are kids watching my stream right now. Why don’t we break this right here,” he said. He then announced, “Lusk just called a snow day right here at the student section.” He enthusiastically added, "Woo! No school for me tomorrow!” The crowd went wild!

I think it’s safe to say Aiden will be breaking news in the future as a sports reporter. Who knows, maybe we will see him anchoring Good Morning America. We definitely haven’t seen the last of him. 

Will he get the same enthusiasm when he breaks other news? That all depends on whether or not it’s a snow day. It sure beats the way I grew up when I had to anxiously await for the news blurb to list school closings in alphabetical order. Breaking good news can’t be beaten!

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