Blind 13-Year-old Girl Perfectly Plays Chopin On Piano In Train Station

Blind 13-Year-old Girl Perfectly Plays Chopin On Piano In Train Station

While humans do have the seemingly endless capacity for hate, anger and division, people also have the ability to surprise in much more positive ways. One young woman left dozens stunned with her amazing musical performance.

A clip posted to YouTube shows Lucy, a 13-year-old blind girl, who played piano in a crowded train station, leaving everyone completely baffled. There were even a few tears shed. 

The clip begins with the young woman being led, by the hand, to the piano. He informs her that prior to reaching the piano, “there is a big step.” He then promptly helps her sit down on the piano bench. The kind older gentleman then guides her hands and places them on the keys, helping her become familiar with her new surroundings.

Seconds later, Lucy is tickling the ivories, playing Chopin’s “Opus 9 Number 1,” the clip points out. Soon after the young woman begins playing, a crowd forms to watch the dazzling display of musical talent before them.

Several people in the crowd, who stand and watch, have taken out their phones in order to capture Lucy’s breathtaking presentation. One woman, so moved by Lucy’s magnificent performance, wipes tears from her eyes. 

Additionally, in the clip, two men take in Lucy’s performance, watching on a monitor in a separate, small room and they cannot believe what they are seeing!

One of the men then articulates his complete and total astonishment.

“How, how does she study?” he asks. “I mean, how, this is incredible.”

After Lucy finishes playing, the crowd erupts in a fit of applause, giving their approval for what they have just witnessed.

The same man, baffled by Lucy, adds that her performance was so perfect that it’s too good to believe it was real.

“Oh my god, this is impossible,” he states. 

He later adds, “I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say.”

What a beautiful and amazing performance by a young woman blessed with God-given musical talent!

Matthew 19:26 “And Jesus looking at them, said, ‘With men this is not possible; but with God all things are possible.”

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