Legends Carol Burnett And Vicki Lawrence Hilariously Audition For Musical

Comedy is subjective. What makes one person laugh may not evoke the same reaction from the next guy. However, most people agree that Carol Burnett is a legendary figure in the comedy world.

During its run on television, The Carol Burnett Show produced a number of hysterical and classic sketches. The talent cast often found themselves in absurd situations where they routinely laughed and broke character.

Another classic sketch from the beloved show has Carol and Vicki Lawrence playing characters competing for the lead role in the annual PTA musical. The sketch begins with the announcement that this year’s show will be directed by a real, live professional.

The show’s new director has a very thick and exaggerated Slavic accent. He announces that he needs a woman who can sing perfectly, elegantly dance and is out-of-this-world beautiful. The group of women are in agreement that he has just described Carol’s character Blossom Butterworth.

Right on cue, Blossom Butterworth enters the room dressed to the nines. She looks like someone ready to walk onto the Johnny Carson Show for an interview. After just a few seconds, it’s abundantly clear that Blossom has a self-inflated view of herself.

At approximately the 1:45-minute mark, Vicki Lawrence’s character speaks up, requesting an audition for the lead role. Dressed modestly compared to Blossom, Vicki’s character rattles off an impressive list of acting and singing credentials.

Given the insane look on Blossom’s face, it’s clear that she is feeling a bit insecure and threatened. Then it’s time to sing and Vicki’s character sings beautifully. Blossom knows she cannot compete.

It’s Blossom’s turn to sing a few notes and…things don’t go as well. But before she does sing, she feels the need to address the group of women.

The clip is just another reason why The Carol Burnett Show remains such a beloved show all these years later!

James 5:13 “Is any among you afflicted? Let him pray. Is any merry? Let him sing psalms.” 


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