Skater Kurt Browning Clowns Around on the Ice

Skater Kurt Browning Clowns Around on the Ice

Who says you can’t have fun at work? One skater literally clowned around on the ice.

A clip posted on Facebook shows Canadian figure skater Kurt Browning taking the ice in a very unusual outfit. He’s wearing big, baggy pants held up with suspenders over his shoulders, a red and yellow striped shirt and a bright red clown nose.

Normally, figure skaters come out in intricately decorated, tight-fitting, beautiful clothes. Based on his appearance alone, Kurt has something special in store.

Even before the music starts, Kurt has the audience in stitches. His overexaggerated stretching movements make for a hilarious spectacle. 

Once his routine begins and the music starts playing, Kurt, while at center ice, must corral his legs as they keep slipping away from him. Of course, this is all part of the routine. 

Soon enough, after Kurt maintains control over his limbs, he skates and shows off his impressive skill on the ice. While picking up speed and giving those in attendance several more laughs, Kurt goes into a beautiful jump, landing perfectly on the ice. 

The audience loves it! Cheers and applause all around!

Again, following a few hilarious movements timed perfectly to the music accompanying his routine, Kurt displays his skill and athleticism. He performs another jump and spins in the air, which dazzles the crowd!

At approximately the 3-minute mark in the clip, Kurt sends the audience into another fit of laughter. He acts as if he’s lost all control of his body on the ice, contorting his body into a snake-like movement. He is literally face-down on the ice at times!

While performing another tricky skating maneuver, Kurt is heard screaming! Of course, this is all just part of his act. He pulls off the move with ease and finesse. 

But Kurt leaves his best for last. He ends his hilarious and beautiful routine skating backward, screaming as he heads toward and lands on the judges’ table.

Kurt is rewarded for his inventive and laugh-out-loud funny routine that shows off his technical expertise and showmanship with a perfect score from the judges!  

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