‘Jesus Is Mine’ Tasha Cobbs Leonard Worship Performance

‘Jesus Is Mine’ Tasha Cobbs Leonard Worship Performance

Throughout the Bible, it informs readers that God will never leave them or forsake them. He is an always faithful, loving and merciful God, there whenever we call upon His name.

Those who believe in, worship and adhere to Christ’s commands and teachings are called children of God. Tasha Cobbs Leonard’s song “Jesus Is Mine” reiterates this idea of belonging to Jesus. 

In the first verse, Tasha sings about her personal relationship with Christ. He has changed her life for the better. She also sings in the opening verse of Christ’s goodness.

“My heart is his home
No longer am I an orphan
He calls me his own”

Not only has Christ come into and lives in her heart, but Tasha also sings about the other amazing and wonderful ways her life has changed. He has provided her with a “perfect peace,” the ability to seek rest at His feet” and she knows all of this because of “a divine knowledge.”

Christ has changed her life and can do the same for anyone who calls upon Him. He showed mercy on us when he extended his love and grace to those lost and without hope. Tasha mentions this as well.

She sings that even when we were filthy and dirty, covered in our sin and shame, Christ never pushed us away. He accepted us in our present state. He never turned away from us, but instead, because of His mercy, grace and love changed our lives!

Tasha’s song is wonderfully sung and has a beautiful message about the changes Christ has made in her life! 

Check out Tasha’s terrific performance. 

John 1:12 “To all those who did so take him, however, he gave the right of becoming children of God – that is, to those who had faith in his name.”

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