Dara Maclean - “Suitcases” Live - The Cannery Row Sessions

Dara Maclean - “Suitcases” Live - The Cannery Row Sessions


Amazing live performance from the talented, new Word recording artist Dara Maclean. Get a FREE download of her song Suitcases here: http://budurl.com/rglz

Hey Friends! My name is Dara Maclean and I'm so excited to show you some new stuff we've been working on. We just did a recent photo shoot, which was a girls dream come true! In the midst of it, we decided to undertake something just as amazing and fun...live music videos for 5 of the songs that will be on the upcoming record! It was such a special project to be apart of, because from pictures to videos, the images were able to come to life as we combined an amazing band, a fabulous team and all of us getting to do what we love, live and on the spot! I can't even begin to express how excited I am to share with you the beginning of this journey that I'm humbled to be on and I pray that it blesses you in every way! Here is the first of 5, it's called Suitcases. Enjoy!

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